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Mast systems

These mast systems respond to the need of “deploying a certain weight object at a high position only when using.”

We have a diverse lineup ranging from compact and portable models to models with a maximum extension of over 130ft in length.

Folding telescopic mast system

The Inflexion series is a mast system that can be folded from the base, making it ideal for relay vehicles of broadcast stations.

Upright telescopic mast system

An upright mast system that can extend and retract as it is.

Portable mast system

A portable mast system. Available in assembly and disassembly type, and retractable type (manual and electric).

[Examples of items to be loaded]

Communication equipment
Deployment of mobile communication antennas or transceivers at a high place, such as mobile base stations for mobile phones

Security equipment
Deployment of surveillance cameras or lighting equipment at a high place to assist with security activities

Broadcasting equipment
Deployment of communication equipment such as FPUs for relay vehicles, cameras, or speakers at a high place.

[Types of mast systems]

Folding telescopic mast system (Inflexion)

Upright telescopic mast system
(Stiletto, QEAM, pneumatic non-locking, pneumatic locking)

Portable mast system
(Expedition, AM2, QEAM)

There are several types of mast systems (material, drive system, locking, etc.). There are various aspects to be considered for selection. Please contact us for details.

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