why choose Totsu

We provide optimal solutions by the effective utilization of the world's most cutting-edge technologies and products.
Our technical capabilities with speedy response, backed by over 40 years of experience, enable us to provide added value.
With long-established partnerships with the world’s leading engineering companies having a wide range of cutting-edge technologies for both software and hardware and our long- years of domestic experience, we are sure to be your total planner who carries out a wide range of system design, integration, and maintenance services, even after delivery.

Why Totsu? - Because we are an excellent system integrator as well as a long-experienced engineering trading company, backed by years of proven results to this date.

State-of-the-art technologies are developed mainly for military purposes and are often repurposed for private sector usage in the United States and other countries, often becoming overwhelming, leading technologies for Japanese manufacturer's products.
In order to use these excellent overseas products in Japan, not only for local language compatibility, but they also need to be modified, as necessary, to comply with Japanese local laws and standards.
In addition, it is essentially important to respond to diversifying, individual requests from our users because the products we handle are fundamentally different from mass-marketed products.
We are not just a company that imports high-quality products from overseas; as a technology-driven trading company and as a systems integrator, we use our more than 40 years of business experience to provide products with added value.

Why Totsu? - Because our experience and expertise in this field have enabled us to capture an overwhelming market share.

In the field of helicopter television systems, we carry out business activities in parallel with broadcasting stations-related equipment which is our original business from our establishment, and have long been involved in the aviation industry, coordinating with the supervisory authority, the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and complying with the Aviation Act.
In addition, in recent years, to meet the increasingly diverse needs of our users, not only supplying our own products, but also stepping up to provide SI (system integration) services, including comprehensive coordination with our products and the other companies' products, and even rigging (installation work on helicopters).
Through our service provision, which is based on our thorough knowledge of the industry and products, we have ultimately achieved the No. 1 market share, especially in the field of stabilized camera systems.

Why Totsu? - Because we can provide user-oriented services by becoming a user of our products ourselves.

As a company that spun off from a television program production company, we have been involved in filming using our own products.
We have supported filming in various ways that customers request; installing stabilized camera systems on broadcast vehicles, cranes, and unmanned balloons other than helicopters in the field of gimbals.
In addition, in the case of malfunctions or regular maintenance, our own specialized engineers are responsible for "domestic maintenance service in Japan," so we can minimize business losses without sending the products to our overseas partners.
In this way, by becoming the "user" ourselves, we can carry out business activities from the users' perspective.