We strongly support professionals working through video and communication-related equipment.

Stabilized camera and downlink system business

We provide equipment, facilities, and services required for helicopter television systems*, from on-board filming and transmission to receiving at ground base stations.

*"Helicopter television systems" - in Japan, it generally refers to "on-board filming with a Stabilized camera system and transmitting the video to ground receiving sites with a downlink system.

■System Integration

Our services include not only design, integration, and maintenance of systems required for helicopter TV systems but also one-stop contracting services from procurement to outfitting of all equipment required for helicopter TV systems, including products not handled by our company.

■Airborne equipment:

Our services extensively include procurement of devices and equipment used for on-board filming and transmission, and system construction.

■Ground equipment:

Our services extensively include procurement of equipment and facilities and system construction used at receiving sites and relay stations.


Broadcasting and security related-equipment business

We import to sell broadcasting and security related equipment from overseas as well as provide maintenance services for these products.
  • ■Mast systems

  • ■Live recording, distribution, and management equipment